Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Data collection - processing - reporting for agri-environmental policies (EUROSTAT)

This document is the result of the DireDate project's task 6. DireDate stands for 'Direct and indirect data needs linked to the farms for agri-environmental indicators'. The DireDate project is a study financed by Eurostat, European Commission, and undertaken by a consortium led by ALTERRA (NL) (Service
Contract 40701.2009.001-2009.354).
The general objective of DireDate is “to create a framework for setting up a sustainable system for collecting a set of data from farmers and other sources that will serve primarily European and national statisticians for creating the agreed 28 agri-environmental indicators (AEIs) and thus serve policy makers, but as well agricultural and environmental researchers, observers of climate change and other environmental issues linked to agriculture”.

You can read the study for more information

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