Wednesday, December 7, 2011


From a FOAM reflection

2010 was declared “The year of International biodiversity,” and also a year in which Stockholm was “Europe’s Green Capital.” With these two celebrations, Foodprints explores how the discipline of biomimicry can promote urban food resilience and opportunities for biodiversity to flourish in urban developments. There is an inherent relationship between the city and how food arrives on our plates. We want to investigate how to create “resilient” cities that mimic nature’s ecosystems, where all the elements are interactive, responsive, engaging, conducive to life, abundant in feedback loops, and always making best use of resources. Our goal will be to bring forward a food culture inspired by these ecosystems through the creation of a biologically-centred toolkit which we will apply on the urban visions for Norra Djurgarden area of Stockholm.
We have been threading together both scientific, futuristic, artistic and sensory perspectives to review our urban ecology and the way we feed ourselves. Food becomes our communication device, and we will present our explorations in a måltid designed around experience through the senses. We hope that reaction to the meal and proposals, can inspire guests involved in the development plans for the Norra Djurgarden scheme to create food system resilience as part of the sustainable planning process. In turn, Foodprints has been collaborating with a variety of disciplines in a very creative process: science and biology with the built environment and experiential design, creating a multi-disciplinary cocktail of collaborations and introducing this strong community of solutions to the city.

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