Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Future of Scotland's food chain

      The importance of Scotland developing a resilient food supply chain and growing more of its own produce has been highlighted in a new report.

      Mapping and Analysis of the Resilience of the Food Supply Chain in Scotland suggests Scotland is currently dependent on imports. It shows that global food chains may be vulnerable to both short and longer term emergency situations which could disrupt this supply.
The research will be used to help businesses prepare for future scenarios such as flooding, health scares and the impact of climate change.

Measures in Scotland's new national food and drink policy which aim to address food security include:
  • Building capacity and skills to produce food and keep food production at the heart of farming
  • Build food security into the delivery of our farming, fishing and aquaculture policies.
  • Support the appropriate legal framework to ensure our food and drink producers, processors, retailers and consumers are treated fairly
  • Fund new research to help meet the challenges of food security in Scotland and the rest of world
      The Scottish Government is also providing advice and additional funding to local producers to help them develop markets for their products and encourage the growth of farmers markets, farm shops and local food initiatives. Work is continuing with the Scottish Retailers' Forum to help producers and processors identify new markets for their products in our supermarkets. And a new Retailers' Charter has been signed by eight of the UK's leading supermarkets.

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