Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fair Food Network

Fair Food Network is a US national nonprofit dedicated to building a more just and sustainable food system. We work at the intersection of food systems, sustainability, and social equity to provide access to healthy, fresh and sustainably grown food, especially in underserved communities. We implement model programs and bring the right people together to generate ideas, share resources, and promote policy changes to repair our food system. In the United States, we are faced with a broken food system that limits access to healthy, fresh, and sustainably grown food to many low-income families and under-served communities. We also see the brokenness of this system through the prevalence of diet-related illnesses and the steady increase of obesity in these communities, and the number of people who now rely on government food assistance.
Our land has also suffered from the broken system, as agricultural policies and practices have left areas of our planet literally lifeless. Unsustainable practices are the norm in our current food and agriculture system, in which the average plate of food eaten in our homes or restaurants travels 1,500 miles from where the food is grown.
But in the midst of the brokenness there is both opportunity and hope; hope in the fact that there is a movement underway to take back and re-design our food systems on a local level that can influence and advance food system approaches both nationally and globally.

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