Friday, April 22, 2011

The atlantic network for a new local economy

Covering twenty territories, ANATOLE is creating chances for local economy, finding in the link between local policies and local abilities an answer to the new needs of local inhabitants.
Even if local representatives are keen to organise the local economy, they face a wide complexity (regulations, variations of products, seasonality, fashion…). Thus they need skills and prepared staff.

In their meetings and during this yer and a half, Anatole partnership has exchanged on their local experiences and good practices while implementing local actions involving stakeholders and decision-makers so as to promote local economy. Main topic: food needs, but others are at stake like energy, supplies or tourism.

A growing interest accompanies ANATOLE, as all stakeholders (councillors, producers, consummers, markets, shops, food factories) really want to get involved. Thus, Anatole, with the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities support, is becoming a strategic contribution for the future of the Atlantic Area. 

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