Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to turn social and environmental #supply #chain risk into opportunity

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How leading companies manage sourcing risk and improve supplier resilience
Now in our 7th year, the Sustainable Supply Chain Summit brings together 200+ senior sustainability and procurement executives from large European brands to discuss proven best practice and innovative solutions.

This is the most well-respected and dynamic industry conference on such a critical area, and by attending, you're guaranteed to get:
Proven techniques to minimise non-compliance and save money through effective collaboration with your suppliers
Best practice to integrate sustainable sourcing into procurement decisions for effective risk mitigation and better sustainability performance
Key steps to develop effective B2B and multi-stakeholder collaboration to streamline standards for suppliers and tackle the challenges you can't overcome alone

More info : Supply Chain Summit

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  1. Great article! The evolution of the environmental issue leads to the need for greater integration and strengthening of links between development and environment, which in turn helped the emergence of the term Sustainable Development.

    Sourcing Sustainable Products