Saturday, March 10, 2012

Framework programme: Short chain delivery of food for urban-peri-urban areas

The rapid urban growth no longer supports the traditional divide between "urban" and "rural". In Europe, a significant share of agricultural activities take place in highly urbanised settings, producing food and public goods (such as recreation, landscape management) and confronted with particular pressures on land resources as well as opportunities. There is a growing trend in the urban population to consume fresh and local products, demand short chain food delivery and to request more transparency on the origin of the products. Citizens are increasingly calling for the creation of a regional urban-focused food system and for support to small farmers in rural peri-urban areas, in order to increase availability and accessibility to food. Moreover, both technological and social innovation in urban peri-urban agriculture can play an important role in mitigating climate change, closing nutrient cycles and prepare effective tools for adaptation and building more resilient urban areas.

More info and Source: 2020-horizon

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