Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stafford Borough Council’s experience

At Stafford Borough Council’s first Environmental Forum in October 1997, delegates recommended that a Local Food Links Initiative in the Stafford Borough area be developed as part of the Local Agenda 21 work being undertaken. ‘Workshops’ produced a draft Action Plan from which a range of initiatives has subsequently been established.
This was further enhanced by the Council’s Environmental Working Party on the 6th May 1998 which agreed that a ‘Food Festival’ be arranged later that year.
There were opportunities to provide a range of projects under the Local Food Links Initiative, which aimed to promote and achieve a more sustainable food system. In addition, as part of the Council’s Economic Strategy, there was a commitment to promote trading between local businesses and the development of local supply networks.
Progress has been made in the following areas:
•Stafford Food Festival
•Farmers’ Markets in Stafford
•Existing shows promoting local food
•Demonstrations of local food
•Local events organised in conjunction with the Farmers’ Market linked to National Campaigns e.g. Apple Day, Fairtrade Fortnight, Great British Breakfast, health events etc.
•Taste of Staffordshire Awards
•Production of Farm – School Link Education Pack, supporting the National Curriculum
•Use of allotments via the Allotment Mentors Scheme
•Tourism Awards include Local Food Category
•Ensuring allotment usage is high
•Support of Staffordshire Orchards Initiative
•Staffordshire Local Food Directory of Farms, Shops, Deliveries etc. (updated 2005)
•Support of Healthy Living, Nutrition and Diet projects
To learn more, please visit FOOD VISION

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